Desktop Screenies

Since I've spent so much time fiddling with it I should show off my desktop.

The first screen shows the GMail and Windows themes as well as the custom game icons I put together for the dock. The second shows the wallpaper and my custom clock image.

I've also got a couple dozen blue boot screens set to random rotation. (My PS, CPU and case fans all have blue LEDs.) Next up I'll setup random wallpapers. Then maybe custom logon or cursors. Or maybe play with Litestep, haven't checked that out in years.

Funny thing about the clock image; my TT is black but I didn't like any of the pics I found so I used the gray, I just looked outside and there is a gray one parked right next to mine.
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crazy cat

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When you see this, quote Blackadder in your LJ.

"I know from long experience all my men have the artistic talent of a cluster of colour-blind hedgehogs in a bag."
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